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Northern Leopard Frog Jumpstarter

Northern Leopard Frog Jumpstart

Northern Leopard Frog Jumpstart

Hopping our way through summer, the Northern Leopard Frog Jumpstart is in full force! We are so happy to announce we have almost reached our target goal of $250,000, with only $100,000 to go! We cannot give up this conservation effort now, we have to join together like an army of frogs to help reverse the distressing decline of the frog population. 

Northern Leopard Frogs have been experiencing a mass extinction since the 1970s. In BC, this frog species is listed as “at-risk” and “endangered,” as there is only one remaining population: the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. Frogs are extremely useful in the environment: tadpoles control algae in ponds, adult frogs act as natural pest control, and they are integral to the natural food chain. In addition to that, scientists are learning more about the benefits of frogs, from environment control to human medicine. Frogs are pretty awesome, which means we need to protect them!

Northern Leopard Frog in Tank
Northern Leopard Frog Project Trailer
Northern Leopard Frog

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is proud to be part of the Northern Leopard Frog recovery team, which means we play an active role in: breeding captive individuals and, hopefully, produce healthy tadpoles which are observed and cared for, to be released into Columbian Marshes. What can we do to help as individuals? Educate ourselves! Learn about things you can do, including minimizing chemical waste, eliminating litter, and donating to help fund this project. 

Through donations to the Northern Leopard Frog Jumpstart, the zoo is able to house the frogs in a climate-controlled trailer, in the original habitats, create new habitats, and create a fun education centre. During the winter, the frogs hibernate and require specialized tanks, which get warmed to wake the frogs up to enjoy the wonderful summer. 

For more information about the campaign, please visit https://www.buildingourzoo.com/northern-leopard-frog-project/

Stop by the Edmonton Valley Zoo soon to see the progress in the program! Enjoy a fun game of hopscotch , while learning about Northern Leopard Frogs and chowing down on ice cream!

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