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Virtual Programs

We’re not the only ones who had to pivot in the past year and a half in response to the pandemic. School field trips have been put on hold in the past 18 months. With no options to go beyond classrooms and provide interactive education for students has been a challenge, but here, at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, we found the perfect solution: virtual field trips!

Through two of our virtual programs – live or pre-recorded – you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some animals while learning about their habitat, diet, and habits. Not only will you get to meet some of the animals, but you’ll have the chance to ask either a zookeeper or an education team member all of your questions! 

Why take part in these opportunities? It’s a guaranteed chance to see some of your favourite animals. Some animals can be hard to see during your zoo visit.  Animal visibility can depend on the weather or the time of day.They might be hiding from the heat, munching on their lunch, or having an afternoon nap. Our virtual programs give you a chance to meet those harder to see animals, and dive deeper into understanding their species and specific personalities of the individual animal. 

Through the live virtual programs, you’ll get to meet either the Red Pandas (Mondays), Seals and Sea Lions (Tuesdays), or North American River Otters (Wednesdays). Your 35-person (max) group will get a 15-minute presentation from a zookeeper, followed by a Q&A period. The entire experience is quite interactive. 

During the pre-recorded virtual field trips, your group will learn about the basic needs of aquatic species from the Arctic Shores exhibit of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Your group will meet the seals and have a peek behind the scenes where the public cannot go. Following the video, your group will have the opportunity to speak live  with a member of the zoo’s education team to ask all of your questions. This is a great opportunity for kids in kindergarten to grade 2 as it connects with the Alberta curriculum. 

Book your live or pre-recorded field trip and let’s learn about animals and their importance together! To book your program, please visit https://www.edmonton.ca/attractions_events/edmonton_valley_zoo/virtual-experiences.